‘To Bed with Grand Music’ by Marghanita Laski – Book Review

This book is exactly why I love Persephone books. I knew absolutely nothing about either the author or the blurb before picking this up and so went into the read with zero preconceived ideas…


This is set during WWII but is unlike any war novel I’ve ever read as it entirely focuses on the sexual goings on of a wife once her husband departs for war. And it’s a hoot. Oh my god, the lead character Deborah is fabulous. She is entirely deluded, 100% self-centred and is an utter joy to read about. I mean she’s pretty much a terrible human being but wow does she know how to have a good time and I am so here for it.


This is brilliantly written, exposes a side to the war that is not much talked about and just makes for a marvellously entertaining read.
Loved it.

Four stars.

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