Are We Nearly There Yet by Lucy Vine – Book Review

Title: Are We Nearly There Yet (review copy)

Author: Lucy Vine

Genre/Themes: Contemporary Adult Light Fiction, Comedic, Turning Thirty, Self-Love

Blurb from Goodreads

Alice is turning thirty and is stuck in a rut. Her friends are all coupling up and settling down, while she’s still working as a temp, trying (and failing) not to shag her terrible ex, getting thrown out of clubs, and accidentally sexting her boss…

She decides to throw caution to the wind and jets off on a round-the-world adventure to #FindTheFun and find herself. Of course, she’s no more likely to find the answer to true happiness on the beach in Thailand than she is at the electric beach in Tooting, but at least in Thailand there’s paddleboard yoga.

Can Alice find happiness on her travels? Or is she more likely to lose herself all over again…?

‘Laugh-out-loud funny. Truly, the Bridget Jones for our generation’ Louise O’Neill

My Review

When one of my favourite authors Lindsey Kelk recommended that fans of her writing should check out Lucy Vine I did exactly that! I hotfooted over to NetGalley to request this title and I’m very pleased that I did so. Are We Nearly There Yet was a great read! And I truly loved the mix of humour with heartbreaking honesty.

Alice was an incredibly relatable main character.

At the beginning of the book she had just turned thirty and found herself feeling very excluded from the good things in life. Her best friend was settling down, things with her family were strained, her on again-off again boyfriend was treating her poorly and she unwittingly had lost her most recent temp position. So she decided to pack in her mundane existence for a holiday of a lifetime experience that would take in the glitz and glamour of LA and the soul searching realness of backpacking in Thailand.

I found myself frequently laughing out loud at the jokes and situations that Alice found herself in. Her utterly made up blog posts were some of my favourite parts of the book as she tried to fake to everyone back home that she was doing great. And her hashtags and the moderator comments…. Hilarious!!

But amidst all the lols and light hearted banter, this book had a very emotional heart. And once it was revealed to the reader it really tinged the book with a touching bittersweet quality and made for a very emotionally satisfying reading experience.

Are We Nearly There Yet was a very entertaining book filled with memorable characters and a great plot. It happily kept me company during a day that I spent feeling poorly in bed and massively cheered me up and would recommend it to any fan of light fiction.

An e-copy of this book was kindly provided to me by the publisher, Orion, via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

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