Because You Love To Hate Me: 13 Tales of Villainy edited by Amerie – Book Review

Title: Because You Love to Hate Me: 13 Tales of Villainy

Editor: Amerie

Featured Authors: Renée Ahdieh, Amerie, Soman Chainani, Susan Dennard, Sarah Enni, Marissa Meyer, Cindy Pon, Victoria Schwab, Samantha Shannon, Adam Silvera, Andrew Smith, April Genevieve Tucholke, Nicola Yoon

Genre/Themes: Young Adult, Short Stories, Fantasy, Villains

Blurb from Goodreads

Leave it to the heroes to save the world–villains just want to rule the world.

In this unique YA anthology, thirteen acclaimed, bestselling authors team up with thirteen influential BookTubers to reimagine fairy tales from the oft-misunderstood villains’ points of view.

These fractured, unconventional spins on classics like Medusa, Sherlock Holmes, and Jack and the Beanstalk provide a behind-the-curtain look at villains’ acts of vengeance, defiance, and rage–and the pain, heartbreak, and sorrow that spurned them on.

No fairy tale will ever seem quite the same again!

My Review

So the set up of this anthology of villainous short stories was that 13 YA authors were each paired with 13 different BookTubers to create a short story between them. Each BookTuber gave their YA author a unique prompt from which the author was then tasked with creating a short story.

On a whole the short stories in this book to me feel more like brief draft outlines of what could be novellas. It’s as if the writers took their thoughts and then just condensed them down to fit a short story rather than how they would normally expand for a longer novel/novella.

Whereas they should have been focusing on crafting something small & perfectly formed in its brevity. I have read stories that are mere pages long and they can leave a lasting impression especially when it comes to villains. I can only point you towards another YA short story collection, Tangleweed and Brine, that I have also read to show an example of short stories that pack so much powerful emotion into a matter of pages.

For me short stories are all about considered writing and careful editing.

I also found issue with the thematic nature of these short stories.

To me, most of the writers treated the villainy aspect as too black and white. I like my villains to be a little greyer than most of these are.

Many of the stories are plotted along the lines of building up the reader for a big switch or reveal by having a convenient murder or similar. It’s boring!! And when the writers do try to show the greyer aspects of villainy it just fails miserably because the theme is too overreaching and in my opinion most of the writers didn’t feel as if they could subvert that villainy concept enough because of it’s dominance.

It made for a dull reading experience because as a reader I knew starting each short story that there was supposed to be a baddie and it would probably be a clichéd twist.


Just predictable outcomes everywhere.


And the BookTuber aspect?

They were a hindrance to the writing more than anything and their respective notes on each short story that they prompted were beyond cringeworthy. The notes ranged from failed attempts at wit and humour to feeling like a very rushed book review that a student would write in the five minutes before they are due to hand it in for their class!

But it’s their prompts that were the worst.

A prompt should be just a hint or guideline and allow the writer of the story some leeway in the outcome. Too many times the prompts in this collection were much too restrictive (frequently telling the writers the ending they should have). Therefore the writing was shackled and the individual creative processes of the YA writers stifled.

I would like to point out the entirely redundant train of thought that must have gone into determining the order of these stories in this collection.

Frequently stories felt as if they were placed in the wrong position in this book. I can only relate this to my own experience of creating playlists of my favourite songs; I have a format. I like to start with a strong opener be it either uptempo or incredibly emotive and then I arrange the rest of the playlist in a manner that it flows. Moments of crescendo and decrescendo and brief periods of stable calm or prolonged intensity. It just makes for a more appealing listen for me and I think a similar approach should be taken when editing a short story anthology.

I hated this reading experience so much that I wish I could have the €10.99 I spent on the book back….

What follows are brief feelings I had about each short story

The Blood of Imuriv

Story by Renée Ahdieh

Dear god make it stop!!!

I mean this is not the most optimistic start to this anthology at all. The writing felt incredibly unnatural, stilted even. A short story needs to grab the attention more quickly or at least have the reader asking questions as to what is going on from a curious viewpoint.

Not this.

This was an exercise in how not to open an anthology of short stories.

Legit don’t care one iota about the outcome and was I supposed to be shocked??? Yeah I was just bored


Booktuber notes / Prompt by Christine Riccio (PolandbananasBOOKS)

The Evil Vaccine: Keep the Darkness at Bay: Eh was this supposed to be funny??? Excuse me while I go searching for the wit in the midst of all these tired cliches.


Story by Ameriie

I never knew that Ameriie wrote stories. To me she’s that singer who sings 1 Thing from the soundtrack to Will Smith’s rom-com Hitch. I love the film but I ADORE the song!! I mean that woah-oh-woah-ohhh hook gets me every time. And that “my high heels are clicking towards your door” line…. LOVES IT!!!

Why am I telling you all this?? Well I feel like I’ve to say something nice about Ameriie because I did not like this AT ALL!!!

The writing…..

Oh dear….

The words juvenile, basic, prosaic spring to mind.

The reworked story of Jack & the Beanstalk failed to capture my imagination at all. And excuse me while I just stab myself in the eyeball for every time she used the word magic with a k. Okay I get it. Magic with a k is meant to depict the more occult aspect of magic but it’s painful to my eyes and this was too syrupy light to even dare to think it had any of the weight of a story shrouded in magick!

Booktuber notes / Prompt by Tina Burke

Giants and Tyrants: Well at least this was an attempt to discuss / interpret the short story and explore the reasons behind the prompt that Tina Burke gave to Ameriie.

I disagreed with the strength of the significance that she thought the story gave to the process of growing up but I appreciated the more thoughtful aspect to these notes even if they felt like someone’s rushed homework.

Gwen and Art and Lance

Story by Soman Chainani

Yay! I didn’t hate it!!!

However in a world of dreadful stories that’s faint praise really. It was nice, cutesy & a surprisingly enjoyable interpretation of King Arthur’s court mashed up apparently with a little bit of Persephone and Hades…. (I didn’t feel much of the latter but semantics!) Written in a text / email style format which although quite unoriginal these days in contemporary set YA gave this story a snappy feeling compared to what has gone before.

A looser interpretation of the villain idea, more morally ambiguous and denial of the self to create a villain-esque character which I also preferred. I don’t like to be told this person is bad because they are a murderer etc but more someone has slightly questionable ethics. Makes for a more interesting villain. But I’m still not sold on the villain theme in this…

I’m being kind really because I didn’t hate it but it’s a loooong way from being a story I could be transfixed by.

Booktuber notes / Prompt by Samantha Lane (Thoughts on Tomes)

The Bad Girl Hall of Fame: Again this feels like I’m reading someone’s rushed homework. I don’t disagree with any of the ideas portrayed here and I do feel like the story managed to get across some of the themes that Samantha Lane talks about in her notes. But gosh this feels as if written on a similarly amateur basis to one of my own book reviews and I certainly wouldn’t presume to ever put my thoughts in a novel.

Shirley and Jim

Story by Susan Dennard

It’s all very vanilla really isn’t it. I think the problem with these stories so far is that none of them can be taken on face value. As a reader you begin them with a sense of caution because you are awaiting the arrival of the villain of the piece.

And sadly this one didn’t twist or subvert or surprise.

Yes it’s a modern spin on Sherlock Holmes and his nemesis Moriarty with Sherlock becoming naïve & innocent Shirley but it’s predictable.

And predictable is boring.

At least there’s a nice enough flow to the narrative but name dropping Gabriel Garcia Marquez makes me want to hurl… Can’t stand his work; beautiful and thoughtful as it is, it’s riddled with misogyny & reinforcement of rape culture….

Feel like scrapping a mark from this story for that fact alone….

Booktuber notes / Prompt by Sasha Alsberg (abookutopia)

Dear Sasha, The 411 for Villains: Excuse me while I search for the point of this…

Was this supposed to be witty???

Spoiler alert it wasn’t. Can guarantee you I won’t be reading Sasha’s foray into novel writing if this is an example of her grasp of the written word.

Prosaic and insipid.

The Blessing of Little Wants

Story by Sarah Enni

Can I DNF yet??? Struggling to care…

Struggle for power, acceptance, immortality, right, wrong….

Blah blah.

Didn’t give one jot!

Again not surprised by the villainy in the storyline. I hate not being surprised when I think that’s the whole point….

Booktuber notes / Prompt by Sophia Lee (thebookbasement)

Will the Real Villain Please Stand Up?: Nice short piece. Again not a huge amount of insight into what has gone before but the least annoying of all these notes so far.

The Sea Witch

Story by Marissa Meyer

Gosh it pains me to say this but I liked it. It pains me because Marissa Meyer and I have history. Let’s just say I was not a fan of the Lunar Chronicles!

But anyway!!

This is a loose reworking of The Little Mermaid and I will always love that story.

Finally a story with an actual plot that was entertaining but still sadly, ever so predictable.

Again this villain concept is interpreted in a much too straightforward fashion for my taste. At every attempted twist I feel let down because it’s basically signposted and nothing is surprising.

So even here in the most enjoyable story to date I feel let down by the staleness of the plot. But props to the overall feel of the writing and for creating an engaging lead character!

Booktuber notes / Prompt by Zoë Herdt (readbyzoe)

Villain or Hero? You Decide: Well this has been the most warmly written notes so far. I at least felt there was some part of the personality of the booktuber in this. Again it’s somewhat redundant in that it feels like someone writing homework about the previous story and the efficacy of the questionnaire was questionable at best! But it was cute.

I really do feel like these booktubers missed a trick though. They had a great opportunity to profess their love for reading and being part of a prompting process but none of that joy or indeed joy for that privilege is coming across.

Beautiful Venom

Story by Cindy Pon

So this one I think I like. [possible spoilers]

But I can argue against not liking it too as you could reason that it reinforces a notion of rape culture if you take it at face value. Because who is the true villain of this piece?

If you believe it’s the Medusa-esque MC well then we have a problem.

Because she isn’t a villain. She is an outright victim of rape culture. And she suffers the greatest case of victim shaming and blaming by her enforced transformation to monster as a punishment for the heinous crime committed against her.

And then through this transformation she becomes a villain that terrorises / kills people by her hideous appearance.

So if you look on the surface you would go woah!!! This is victim shaming.

But I think this story asks you to look a little deeper. To question what is true villainy.

In this the the villain of the piece is the shame placed on our MC’s shoulders for what happened to her. The villain is not one person. It is those around her who created her monster. It’s those around her who instead of seeing the crime committed against her took the easy option and called her a villain for no longer being pure and virginal rather than seeing the villainous crime which she suffered.

Best story so far as the lines between black and white were blurred. And a great interpretation of the loosest prompt so far too. I think what this shows is that if you just give the authors a seed rather than a whole plant then the resulting story can be written in a more imaginative fashion.

But the thing is that this story could be problematic if you don’t take a step back and ask yourself that question about what is a true villain. How are villains made?? Is it negative to say that she was raped and then turned into a monster? Is that giving a bad impression of rape victims.

So on one hand I love it.

But on the other I have issues.

Booktuber notes / Prompt by Benjamin Alderson (Benjaminoftomes)

Without the Evil in the World, How Do We See the Good: This is what I like!! I read this after writing my own review of the short story (as I have been doing for each story) and this is what I want.

It’s basically a review of the story that talks about the rape culture aspect and how this is an open ended story about questioning villainy versus victim shaming. Good stuff.

Death Knell

Story by Victoria Schwab

In this anthology this appears to be one of the better stories because it does draw the reader in & has a definite plot.

But it’s still only average at best. Feels much too predictable and I did not enjoy the prose. I simply don’t need all those minor details described to me in that much depth as it detracts from the main event of the story. I get that it’s about creating atmosphere but this suffered from descriptive writing overload. A little more subtlety would have gone a long way.

What I did like was that the concept of villainy wasn’t entirely thrown in the reader’s face. It was somewhat more ambiguous even if the ending was nagain predictable…such an overriding problem with these stories.

But set in Ireland. Really? Yes it had a Celtic touch with references to wells etc but didn’t exactly feel the true rub of the green here and was very loose with the use of the anglicised Beltane rather than Bealtaine…

Booktuber notes / Prompt by Jesse George (JessetheReader)

Dear Death: A letter to death with some nice sentiments but quite written in rather an amateur fashion. Nice thoughts about the views of Death being both a villain and hero. Would have been interesting to have had a little more of they ambiguity in the main short story.


Story by Samantha Shannon

Booktuber notes / Prompt by Regan Perusse (PeruseProject)

Took me over 24hrs to focus and read this! I think my willingness to be distracted speaks volumes.

It’s an interesting idea and one of the better treatments of the villainy idea with the introduction of many seemingly morally ambiguous characters but the writing just chilled me. It took too long for the story to gather momentum and right when I began to become invested in the characters it ended.

Missed potential.

Evil Revealed: Wow.! Well this felt utterly juvenile. Well intentioned review and valid opinions about female empowerment but supremely poorly executed.

You, You, It’s All About You

Story by Adam Silvera

Don’t hate it but don’t love it. Not sure I really like it either though!

Okay so I did like the idea of the MC and her constant reinvention to escape from her past but she seemed too shallow characterisation-wise.

I felt this short story missed a trick with her character development and we never got to feel what truly made her tick. There is as ever a fine line in storytelling between show and tell. I get that this main character marched to her own drum beat and was therefore quite isolated. But if there had been a little less time devoted to describing the sense of isolation and more care given to making the reader feel it then this story could have been so much better.

As it was I felt as isolated from this main character as she did from the rest of the world.

Booktuber notes / Prompt by Caitriona Feeney (LittleBookOwl)

Behind the Villain’s Mask: This was entirely puerile, utterly pointless and simply annoying to read.

Julian Breaks Every Rule

Story by Andrew Smith

*eye FREAKING roll*

There is a place in hell reserved for this story. I loathe it. Everything about it is everything I hate. I love an unlikeable git of an MC.

Especially when they’re morally ambiguous or even better completely amoral. But this was the biggest steaming pile of a cliched hyperbolic mess. I can’t. I just can’t…

Booktuber notes / Prompt by Raeleen Lemay (padfootandprongs07)

Julian Powell: Teen Psycho Extraordinaire: I vehemently disagree with Raeleen’s analysis of this story and their belief that this was gripping / did not want it to end etc. What I will say is that at least it felt well written even though I disputed every single positive aspect they claimed was executed well in the short story.

Indigo and Shade

Story by April Genevieve Tucholke

So this story basically came with its own unmarked spoilers so predictable was it…. BUT DAMN IT!!! I do enjoy a good old doomed romance.

However there was this….

“The first time I saw Indigo… I was half naked, stripped to my waist, wearing nothing but my muscled abs & my designer jeans…

…Indigo gasped when she saw me. Of course she did.I have gorgeous blonde hair, thick & glossy – it curls up at the ends like little twists of sunshine. I have sea-green eyes & healthy, glowing skin. I’d been running & hunting & fighting since I was a kid, and I looked like a god – tight waist, long legs, big pecs

Eh who exactly does this guy think he is???? HE IS NO DAEMON BLACK FROM LUX!!!!

Ah it’s a shame, there was some fabulous trashtastic aspects to this short but it just lacked a little in the addictive page turning quality I was looking for. The writing just wasn’t quite sparky enough; I guess if you’ve got such a super confident MC the story then needs a little more wit and banter to counteract it, and make it a little more than just about abs and a mysterious damsel in distress!

Booktuber notes / Prompt by Whitney Atkinson I (WhittyNovels)

Glamorised Recovery: Expectations vs Reality: This wasn’t a piece that I felt had any bearing on the companion short story and therefore it felt as if there was somewhat of a discord between the writer and the booktuber.

So instead this piece focused on the similarities between villains and heroes in general, and the fine line between the two.

And it was epically dull!


Story by Nicola Yoon

This was okay from Nicola Yoon. It didn’t make me want to repeatedly stab myself in the eye ball like ‘Everything, Everything‘ or ‘The Sun is Also a Star‘ did. And I appreciated her efforts to be darker and having a more open ended finish to her story for a change.

Booktuber notes / Prompt by Steph Sinclair & Kat Kennedy (Cuddlebuggery)

The Bad Girls’ Guide to Villainy: I’m done. They actually quoted Miley Cyrus…

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