This or That Book Tag

Today I’m back with another book tag! This is the ‘This or That Book Tag’ that I first saw on Laury Reads page and was originally created by PaperFury.

Here it goes!

Series OR standalone?

Standalone! I’m not really a massive fan of series books. I find they tend to be too drawn out and I hate reading a book where its ultimate purpose is just to make you read the next one in the series.

Magic earned OR Magic born?

Magic earned. I much rather the idea of a character learning a skill rather than being born a special little snowflake lol!

Enemies-to-lovers OR friends-to-lovers?

Definitely enemies to lovers. It is one of my favourite tropes that I never get tired of!

Hilarious banter OR emotional ruin?

Ahhhh I do love banter but there is nothing better than a good book cry. I find them cathartic so emotional ruin it is.

Love triangle OR insta-love?

Love triangle. Insta-love frequently feels too forced and underdeveloped, yes it can work in some situations but mostly it is just the remit of lazy writing.

Keyboard smash fantasy names OR all names start with the same letter?

Oh I hate made up names. It is one of the things I do not like about fantasy. I would definitely prefer names that all start with the same letter as long as they are all names I am familiar with!

Mean parents OR dead parents?

Oh that is horrible! No one wants either. But I think loving parents are always preferable to mean ones so I am going to choose dead parents but I am not happy about my choice!

Supermodel looks OR constantly says how plain they are?

Supermodel looks and never mention it again in the story! It is boring to read about a character that bemoans their appearance so much when typically they are not plain anyway!

Face on cover OR typography on cover?

Typography on the cover. I find pictures of real people to be somewhat off-putting.

Villain turning a little good OR hero turning a little bad?

I love villains and don’t really want them to turn good! So hero turning a little bad I think.

And that’s it! What do you guys think of my answers? Let me know in the comments below and if you want to this tag for yourself please link back to my page so I can read your answers.

15 thoughts on “This or That Book Tag

  1. Goodness! I said me too so many times here! I totally agree with the first one about series and villians are to be left alone 😉. People on covers is off-putting for me too somehow…

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