The Liebster Award

I was nominated for The Liebster Award by Ally @Ally Writes Things. Ally is such a great book blogger and a really nice person too so you should definitely be following her blog if you aren’t already.

What is The Liebster Award?

I wanted to know more about what exactly The Liebster Award is and found all this information on The Global Aussie‘s page.

“The Liebster Award is an award that exists only on the internet and is given to bloggers by other bloggers. The earliest case of the award goes as far back as 2011. Liebster in German means sweetest, kindest, nicest, dearest, beloved, lovely, kind, pleasant, valued, cute, endearing, and welcome.”


  • Say thank you to the person who has nominated you for the Award.
  • Answer the 11 questions the person has asked you
  • Nominate 11 people
  • Ask the people who you have nominated 11 questions

Questions from Ally:

(1) What’s your favourite movie?

I find this such a tricky question to answer because I have a few that I just cannot choose between!

I love Disney’s The Fox and the Hound, While You Were Sleeping and the original Star Wars trilogy.

Honourable mentions to The Shawshank Redemption and You’ve Got Mail.

(2) Who was your favourite childhood author?

Too hard to pick just one!! I loved (and still love) Louisa May Alcott who wrote Little Women and Judith Kerr who wrote When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit.

Honourable mentions to June Considine for her Luvenders trilogy, Michelle Magorian for the books Back Home and Goodnight Mister Tom, and Joan Lingard for her Kevin and Sadie saga.

(3) What’s the best book you’ve read this year?

My Dark Vanessa by Kate Elizabeth Russell. It isn’t out until January 2020 but it is so amazingly written that though it may not be my favourite book of the year I think it is the best constructed.

(4) What is your favourite breakfast?

A mug of tea, fresh orange juice and pancakes with raspberries, blueberries, strawberries, crème fraîche, toasted almonds and maple syrup.

(5) Do you have any pets? Share pictures, if you do! If you don’t, do you want pets?

I am lucky to have the best dog in the whole wide world as my pet.

(6) What did you want to be when you grew up?

I wanted to be a teacher when I was little. I also wanted to be a rock star at some stage. And an Oscar winning actress as well as a mad scientist… The science thing stuck lol!

(7) What’s the most random purchase you’ve ever made?

I once bought a Plasma Ball for no real reason other than I think they look really cool!

(8) What are some of your current favourite book covers?

I really love pastel coloured book covers so I am liking a lot of contemporary YA covers right now. Think Emily Wibberly and Austin Siegemund-Broka covers like Always Never Yours.

(9) What’s the worst book you’ve ever read?

This could go a few ways… do I go for the most badly written book? That would be ‘Oh My God What a Complete Aisling.

A problematic or offensive book such as Everything Everything or The Friend Zone.

Or the book that I just hate the most? That would be Angela’s Ashes.

(10) Are there any books you would never read?

Horrors and anything with excessive violence and darkness. I don’t like to read books that could play on my mind in negative manners.

(11) If you could have one super power, what would it be?

The ability to heal people. Wouldn’t it be nice to just heal people of their pain and sickness? I think that would be amazing.

And those are my eleven questions from Ally answered!

Thanks so much for the tag Ally.

I now want to tag these 11 blogs to receive The Liebster Award and for them to answer my eleven questions.

The eleven blogs are as follows:

It’s okay if you don’t want to do the tag, there’s no pressure or expectation. This is just for fun.

My Eleven Questions to Those Tagged:

  1. What is the first book you ever remember reading?
  2. What is your favourite song right now?
  3. Have you any unpopular opinions about popular books? If yes what are they?
  4. Why did you decide to start blogging?
  5. The world is ending and you have time to read just one last book. What book would you choose and why?
  6. If you could only ever read books by one author for the rest of your life, what author would that be?
  7. You are having a dinner party and can invite five bookish characters and/or authors to the party. Who would be on your guest list?
  8. Pineapple on pizza: love it or loathe it?
  9. What do you do with a book you hated e.g. do you write a ranty review, keep it, bin it, burn it, donate it to a charity shop, pass it on to a *friend* you don’t like….
  10. Do you have any non-bookish hobbies?
  11. Do you prefer books that make you laugh or books that make you cry? Explain why so.

xo Emer

21 thoughts on “The Liebster Award

  1. I love the movie You’ve Got Mail, too! I’m also loving pastel book covers right now – everything I’m seeing with that palette on Instagram is just swoon-worthy! 🙂

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