Top Ten Tuesday – Favourite Tropes

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme that was originally created by The Broke and the Bookish but was moved to That Artsy Reader Girl in January 2018. It was born of a love of lists, a love of books, and a desire to bring bookish friends together.

This week’s topic is Top Ten Favourite Tropes

August 20th: Favourite Tropes

This is a tricky topic for me this week because I don’t know if I really think about tropes I love… I tend to know the ones I dislike A LOT more lol!!!

(1) Enemies to Lovers

I guess number one on my list would have to be enemies to lovers romance. I can never tire of two characters who immediately butt heads at the beginning of a novel only to find that their hatred turns into passion and they soon discover that they should actually be a couple.

And I think the best example of this has to be in Jane Austen’s masterpiece Pride and Prejudice because initially Elizabeth and Darcy were soooo not getting on…all that prejudice you see… and then obvs they were very prideful…. but events happened and BOOM romance!!! I love it. And it is a trope that has been done by so many books be they classics, romance, fantasy, YA… you name the genre and no doubt there is an enemies to lovers tale lurking somewhere.

(2) Love Triangle

A lot of people really don’t like a love triangle…. BUT I DO!!! Oh my god I know it is crazy drama and frequently they are not done well and merely used to create a distraction for the female MC before she commits to the male MC but… I LOVE ME SOME DRAMA LOL!!!!!

I think one of my favourite examples of this trope is in Claudia Gray’s A Thousand Pieces of You… I still have not read books 2 and 3 in that Firebird series but I just loved how there were two guys in book one that both had likeable qualities and that I could envision both ultimately ending up with the female lead.

(3) Kooky Female Lead Who Remakes Her Life

Next up is trope number three and it comes from my much loved light fiction reads… that of awkward klutzy heroine in her late twenties / early thirties who has a dodgy boss and/or boyfriend that treats her badly so she ups and moves to a brand new city to discover who she really is, gets a fabulous new job and a hot new boyfriend…

You know you’ve read this book right???? I have basically just given the broad outline for so many women’s fiction / chick lit type reads. And while I can easily tire of this trope if the writing is sub-par and the jokes are just not funny, when it is done in fresh way it is really worth reading.

Books in this kind of vein would be by authors like Lindsey Kelk, Sophie Kinsella.

(4) Friends to Lovers

I also quite like the friends to lovers style trope that often features in those same types of books. The ones where the heroine slowly finds herself falling for her friend who she had been maybe getting relationship advice from…

My favourite book that fits this category is Gemma Burgess’ A Girl Like You. Honourable mention to Sara Manning’s You Don’t Have to Say You Love Me though.

(5) Fake Dating


Think Lara Jean and Peter K in To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before…

Urghhhh I love it so much!!

Have you noticed… My favourite tropes are all romance based!!! I really just love books that have a romantic plot running through them.

But now I am kind of flummoxed… I can’t for the life of me think of other tropes I really like… so let’s just round this list out with the tropes I hate.

(6) A side character either dying or bravely suffering with a chronic illness that teaches the MC to live life to the fullest and is the catalyst for them living their happy ever after….

I HATE THIS SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! As someone with a chronic illness I don’t ever want to be thought of as someone who inspires those who are able bodied to be with the love of their life. I want happy ever afters for the ill characters. I want writers to realise that you can write about a character with an illness or a disability and it does not have to be the only thing defining their life!! WE ARE MORE THAN OUR DISABILITY THANKS!!!!

(7) Not Like Other Girls

Do I even have to explain this one????

Like yes, each person is a unique individual but please writers don’t go stereotyping every other female character in your book just so the female MC seems more special!!!!!!!!!!!

(8) Mean Girl Ex-Girlfriend / Toxic Female Friendship

Another trope I hate… the mean girl and toxic female friendship trope.


Can we please have realistic female friendships in NA reads where women empower each other and are not always fighting over the abs laden alpha male character… I am SO bored of that!!

(9) The White Saviour Trope

Oh gosh no.


That is one of the most problematic tropes out there and I just can’t even….

(10) Forced Marriage/Relationship That Turns into *Love*

Yeah that is Stockholm Syndrome and not romantic thanks.

Also this is frequently accompanied by blackmail, gas-lighting and dubious consent.

Oh guess what, there is no such thing as dubious consent!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Consent is an absolute. It is either yes or no and no means no!

And that’s my list! Five tropes I love and five tropes I loathe. What do you think of my choices? Got any great recs based on some of my favourite tropes? Let’s chat in the comments section.

Did you do a TTT this week? Link to it in the comments below if you did.

38 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday – Favourite Tropes

  1. I love me some enemies to lovers, too! And I totally agree with the side character dying thing. Like their only possible purpose is reminding other people how lucky they are. =/ Pass. Not like other girls makes me roll my eyes so hard, they almost pop out of my head at this point.

    Here’s my TTT post.

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    1. BUT THAT IS WHY IT IS GREAT!!!! hahaha it really is amazing how we can all have such different likes. I can freely admit that more often than not that it isn’t executed all that well… but when it’s good then it just is lovely. Like a warm snuggly duvet on days when I am feeling so poorly and I just want some light happiness :)))


  2. OH NOOO LOVE TRIANGLES! πŸ™ŠπŸ™ˆ My heart just can’t take the drama, Emer! LOL I mean, if it’s a lose and weak love triangle and the guy I like ends up being happy then I’m all for it though hahaha I’m terrible. I also totally realize that the tropes on my list are mostly romance related but they’re sooo good! This is a GREAT list! Also, loved A Thousand Pieces of You–I rarely see anyone mention it lol πŸ™ŒπŸ½

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Dini I am ALWAYS about the drama….until I’m not and it irks me….. I AM COMPLICATED OKAY lol!!!!!!!!!!!!! There are times that I love love triangles and times when I resent them with a fiery passion ….I’m looking at you hunger games… still salty about that like how many years later *cries laughing*… A Thousand Pieces of You is SUCH a good read… I really need to reread it though because i have forgotten most of it and I need to remember what happened before I read the sequels!!! <3333


  3. Great list! I like your idea of rounding out the list with hated tropes. Agree so much on the annoying New Adult tropes. I feel like this genre conceptually has potential but most of the books I’ve read in it so far have been dreadful, lol. I like kooky-female-lead-who-remakes-her-life as a trope it sounds fun. πŸ˜€

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    1. Haha thanks Kitty!!! I always like an opportunity to have a rant so how could I not include tropes I hate lol!!! And oh I love the whole character who remakes their life trope…because usually there’s a hot guy that aids the life remaking part XDDDDDDDDDDDD

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    1. HELLS YES!!!! Toxic female friendships are just awful to read about. It’s like why do women always have to be pitted against each other??? You don’t see that happen with male characters in the same way!!! UGHHH IT ANNOYS ME lol!!!

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  4. Great list! I totally agree with all of your least favourite tropes – they’re the worst. I love a mash-up of enemies to lovers and friends to lovers – take me from enemies to friends to lovers and I really enjoy it, and I feel like (in a lot of YA especially) the friendship part in the middle is forgotten about and that doesn’t sit right with me. There are always exceptions, though!

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    1. Oh Jess I’m the same. I say I love it (enemies to lovers) but if there is no middle ground for friendship to blossom it annoys me no end!! But then other times I’m just such trash for this trope that I don’t care lol!!!! <3333


  5. This is such a cute meme ❀ Enemies to lovers and fake dating are my favourites! I'm a romance fan and they're almost guaranteed to get my attention when I read a book blurb.

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