The Song Request Book Tag

I love a good book tag so much and Amber @The Literary Phoenix tagged me to take part in this one a little while ago.


  • Thank and link back to the person that tagged you. (That’s the awesome Amber)
  • Credit the Tag creator: Daniel @ Page to Page
  • Listen to your tagger’s song requests. After you’ve finished listening to the three songs the person who tagged you has chosen, choose a book that you think marries well with each of the songs and give the reason as to why you selected those book titles.
  • Request 3 songs of your own. Give any three songs (and your corresponding book choices that you think go well with said song) that you want for your taggers to listen and respond to!
  • Tag 5 people! !

Amber’s Song Selections

Friday I’m in Love by The Cure

I love this song Amber!!! Such a great choice. This song always makes me feel quite happy and therefore I think it would go really well with a book like Field Notes on Love by Jennifer E Smith because the main characters in that have a few obstacles to get through (akin to the boring days of the week that aren’t Friday) and once they realise the depth of their feelings for each other it’s really great and definitely worth singing about!

‘Dance with the Devil’ by Breaking Benjamin

I had never heard of this song before but listening to it really made me think about A Curse So Dark and Lonely by Bridget Kemmerer. The song has quite dark and subdued themes with the frequent refrain of dancing with the devil and not looking in his eyes. I think these words and themes are perfect for the character of Rhen who views himself as devil-like and for how he tries to warn Harper about who he really is deep inside. It’s a really catchy and quite moody song too which left me wanting more once its closing notes had sounded which is very much like how I felt when reading the book because I just need book 2 in that series so badly!!!

‘I Am the Fire’ by Halestorm

This is another song that I am unfamiliar with but I like how powerful it is. It immediately makes me think of all my favourite books featuring strong female characters and Circe written by Madeline Miller in particular because of how she had to leave all that she knew behind. I can totally imagine her rocking out to this tune while she is on her island and could see her pour all of her pent up emotions into it.

My Song Choices

‘Go Your Own Way’ by Fleetwood Mac

This is one of my favourite songs because … I mean it’s Fleetwood Mac. I don’t need a reason better than they are awesome! And the song makes me think of It Only Happens in the Movies written by Holly Bourne. Because both the song and the book are about triumph of the independent spirit and not being such a victim to toxic romantic relationships.

‘Breathe’ by Rhodes

Breathe is a deeply emotional song about someone supporting a friend through the most difficult of times. And it makes me think of the book ‘How To Save a Life’ written by Emma Scott. In the book the main characters experience so much grief and trauma but ultimately they find solace in each other and they become each other’s support systems. They learn that there are people out there that you can put your trust in and that you can depend on to be there for you.

‘Brand New Day’ by Joshua Radin

Brand New Day by Joshua Radin is one of those great feel good songs and it makes me think of ‘Opposite of Okay’ written by Justin A. Reynolds. In the book Jack ends up reliving the same cycle of time again and again, and there’s a line in the song that ‘says this cycle never ends, you’ve gotta fall in order to mend’. And that’s so true of the book as Jack has to somehow figure out how to keep Kate, the love of his life, from dying… Sounds weird I know but it’s a super cute book and this is a super cute song so a match made in heaven I believe.

Tag You’re It!!!!

I’m going to tag the following five accounts to do this tag for themselves but it is just for fun, so if tags aren’t your jam then no worries.

And YOU if you want to do it too!

22 thoughts on “The Song Request Book Tag

  1. OMG YAS! Friday I’m In Love is one of my all-time favorites 😍 And wow, I haven’t listened to Breaking Benjamin and Joshua Radin in forever! Haha giving me some throwback vibes, these! Also, that Rhodes song is so beautiful. Defo adding that to my tunes! Wonderful book choices to go with all of these too, Emer! Thanks for the tag ❤️

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I mostly read in silence but I do like listening to instrumental music when I read, be it traditional classical, ambient electro or film scores. Just as long as there are no words for me to get distracted by lol! How about you yourself?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I don’t often listen to music while reading but when I do there definitely has to be no words in the songs 😛 I’d be all over the place if there were! I enjoy film scores too and cello song covers ❤

        Liked by 1 person

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