You Too Can Have a Body Like Mine by Alexandra Kleeman – Book Review

Title: You Too Can Have a Body Like Mine (review copy)

Author: Alexandra Kleeman

Genre/Themes: Subversive Fiction, Existentialism, Thriller, Disaffection

Blurb from Goodreads

A lives with B.

B seems to be becoming more and more like A.

If A’s boyfriend, C, likes A because A is A, but now B is the same as A, where does that leave A?

And what has happened to the family across the street, who left one afternoon out of nowhere, covered in sheets with holes cut out for the eyes?

My Review

I have no idea what I just read!!!

I only know I liked it.


Imagine a mash up of weird-assed cults, creepy doppelgänger-esque roommates, sugary-sweet cake fetishes, consumerism to the extreme, incredibly unhealthy relationships with food & eating, and perfunctory romantic relationships with a dash of shark porn and it still doesn’t describe this book.

The main three characters in this book are a nameless narrator (A) that tells us her story and two other characters called B and C.

B is the seriously screwed up roommate who basically wants to be her??? Is her???Honestly…you could interpret this a million different ways to Sunday and still end up scratching your head.

And C is the boyfriend who digs the sharks! Yeah…. Okay. He likes to watch shark week and porn separately (the porn while he and A are having sex though) but I don’t know, I just kept remembering that episode of Friends with Chandler and the shark porn and he became shark-porn guy in my head!

This is a book about disaffection.

It’s divided into three parts and part one was my favourite. Because while it was definitely weird, it was the section that felt the most true to me. There was honesty to A’s general disaffection. To her feelings of isolation and suffocation. I know, you’d think those were two mutually exclusive feelings but not in this book.

Parts two and three did descend into some seriously tripped out events but hey, I enjoyed the sojourn into glorious preposterousness!

I found the book to be incredibly humorous. Kinda pretentious. And a bit self-knowing. But overall a rollercoaster ride of my kind of batshit craziness.

A copy of this book was kindly provided to me by the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

Published January 2017

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