Cinders and Sparks: Fairies in the Forest by Lindsey Kelk – Book Review

Title: Fairies in the Forest

Series: Cinders and Sparks #2

Author: Lindsey Kelk

Genre/Themes: Children’s Fiction, Fantasy, Adventure, Reimagined Fairytales

Blurb from Goodreads

In this second hilarious Cinders and Sparks adventure, our chaotic comedy duo head for Fairyland to find Cinders’s mother – and get more than they bargained for…

Cinders and her talking dog Sparks are on the run, in the Deep Dark Forest, after Cinders performed magic at the castle and made everyone think she was a witch. The hapless Hansel is on the run with them, but only because he ate some of an actual witch’s gingerbread house and she got cross. If they can reach Fairyland, maybe they’ll all be safe.

In the forest they will find three bears, a multitude of ridiculous adventures and one woman called Rapunzel in a tower. But Rapunzel may not be what she seems…

Will Hansel eat the three bears’ porridge? Will Sparks offer useless advice at every turn? Will Brian the fairy godmother appear and actually help for once?

The answers are: yes, yes and no.

My Review

Fairies in the Forest‘ is the second book in author Lindsey Kelk’s Cinders and Sparks series and it was another charming little read.

This book sees Cinders head off through the Dark Forest with her talking dog Sparks, her half mouse-half horse and her friend Hansel (of Hansel and Gretel fame) in a bid to make it to Fairyland to find out the truth about her mother and why everyone in her kingdom thinks fairies are bad news.

I didn’t quite enjoy this as much as book one… Admittedly it at times felt a little bit of a filler type book between the set up of book one and no doubt the grand finale of book three but it certainly had some very funny moments.

My favourite scenes were the ones with the three bears (of Goldilocks fame). In this instance the adult bears were called Frank and Karen…
This tickled me so much. Just so not names you’d think of for bears and I love that!

But more hilariously Frank and Karen just kept having very funny little domestics that made them seem like a regular old married couple! This was one of my favourite passages from the book:

“I think there’s a very easy way to teach everyone a lesson here” the daddy bear said. “I’m going to EAT THEM!”
“That’s your answer to everything, isn’t it, Frank? The gardener charges you too much for mowing the lawn – ear him. The dry cleaner shrinks your favourite trousers – eat him. If you had your way, you’d have eaten everyone in the kingdom by now.”

I just can see kids cracking up laughing at this and really enjoying the silliness.

The story also introduced one of the funniest looking monsters I’ve ever seen called a munklepoop (another on point naming IMO!). The drawings of this monster were just brilliant and were the perfect blend of crazy hair and a big ol’ toothy mouth that made for a fabulously funky looking monster! I do really love the illustrations in these books. It really feels like the most wonderful marriage of author and illustrator.

There were also subtle nods to traditional fairytale stories Rapunzel, Hansel and Gretel and Sleeping Beauty that were again mixed with modern day conveniences creating a marvellous world of imagination and familiarity for young minds.

As with book one, Fairies in the Forest has a somewhat of a cliffhanger / open ended style finish and will most likely make the reader very keen to read book three in the series.

Definitely a book that will appeal to young children as it’s very funny, has gorgeous illustrations, positive themes of self acceptance and friendship, and has really lovely characters that children will be able to identify with.

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16 thoughts on “Cinders and Sparks: Fairies in the Forest by Lindsey Kelk – Book Review

    1. Yup!!! Author of the fab I heart books. She released the first children’s book in this series in the summer and this one just this Autumn. Book 3 is coming in the new year.
      I was so super curious to read them to see how her writing would translate to children’s lit and I am very impressed. The stories are as wonderfully warm as her adult ones and as witty so you would 100% know you’re reading a Lindsey Kelk penned book but obvs they are written with tiny ones in mind :)))))

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