How to Stuff Up Christmas by Rosie Blake – Book Review

Title: How to Stuff Up Christmas

Author: Rosie Blake

Genre/Themes: Christmas, Light Fiction, Contemporary

Blurb from Goodreads

‘Tis the season to be jolly. Unless you’ve found an intimate picture of another woman on your fiance’s phone…

Eve is heartbroken after discovering her fiance is cheating on her. Being surrounded by the joys of Christmas is more than Eve can bear, so she chooses to avoid the festivities by spending Christmas alone on a houseboat in Pangbourne. Eve gets an unexpected seasonal surprise when handsome local vet Greg comes to her rescue one day, and continues to visit Eve’s boat on a mission to transform her from Kitchen Disaster Zone to Culinary Queen.

But where does Greg keep disappearing to? What does Eve’s best friend Daisy know that she isn’t telling? And why is there an angry goose stalking Eve’s boat?

My Review

UGGGHHHHH!!! So glad to be done with this annoying book. That ending…. puuuuhhhLEASE… Just spare me!!!

The storyline follows a girl called Eve in the run-up to Christmas. She has just discovered that her fiancé has been cheating on her so in a bid to heal her broken heart and escape memories of Christmases past, Eve takes some time off from work and goes away to the countryside to gather her thoughts and recharge her batteries so to speak.

The story is your usual rom-com with a new mysterious leading man in Eve’s life and a host of villagers and Eve’s friends in the supporting cast with her ex fiancé taking on the villainous role.

That was all straightforward enough but really I felt there was nothing new or standout about this book.

However the dog aspect of the storyline in this book angered me OH so very much.

When a main character has a dog I expect… no DEMAND insta-love!! You shouldn’t have to realise that you love your dog, dogs are complete innocents and you should love them AT FIRST SIGHT!!!…. so the main character just vindictively keeping her ex-fiancé’s dog because he cheated on her did not set the right tone for this novel (well not for me anyway).

And this ‘lets just repeat the previous chapter and dialogue and pretend it’s from another characters point of view’ …badly done and felt SO super repetitive…

UGHHHH ughhhh ughhhh….

This one stuffed up my Christmas. Am not amused!

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17 thoughts on “How to Stuff Up Christmas by Rosie Blake – Book Review

  1. Ahhhh do you know what I hadn’t realised I missed in my unexpected blogging hiatus?? Your unfiltered ranting reviews 😄😄 they always make my day! Keep sharing your honest opinion – especially about dud Christmas books. There needs to be a little overhaul in this area I think. I’ve had quite a few misses this week too. I’m starting the Sarah Morgan tomorrow though that you recommended so fingers crossed!! Jen

    Liked by 1 person

      1. This one was quite filtered and tame but it was the sentiment that made my day 😄 thank you for the Sarah Morgan Rec, even if my library will only have it available next year. Who doesn’t love a bit of Christmas in January?? 😂😍

        Liked by 1 person

  2. “This Blogmas post is a review of a book that managed to stuff up my Christmas when I read it…” LMAAOO I love you.

    I’m definitely glad that this wasn’t one of the books that I picked up as part of my mission to read more festive things! How can someone not love a doggo on first sight!? That just baffles me!!! I mean, same goes even if it was a catto! They’re animals! Fluffos! How can?! And SMDH at the repetitiveness shit. I just finished my first xmas romance and it was the same and I wanted to cry and throw my Kindle across the room while banging my head against my wooden headboard at the same time. AWFUL I tell ya!!! 😭

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I love dogs Dini. Love them. And for this book to so cruelly use a doggie….. Like it’s supposed to be a cute fluffy book. I DID NOT NEED TO HAVE MY FEELINGS SO CARELESSLY TRAMPLED ON….. God I do not like this book at all.
      I hope that wasn’t Sarah Morgan’s Christmas wintry wedding book you read??? SAY IT AINT SO DINI!!!!!


      1. Dog’s should have sweet and cute storylines!! Not ridiculous at all!! Christmas fluffy reads SHOULD be fluffy and cute!! And this sounds like it didn’t meet that!! Hopefully you have more luck with other books! 💜💜

        Liked by 1 person

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