A Miracle at Macy’s by Lynn Marie Hulsman – Book Review

Title: A Miracle at Macy’s

Author: Lynn Marie Hulsman

Genre/Themes: Contemporary, Light Fiction, Christmas, Dogs, Romance

Blurb from Goodreads

One lost dog. Two lonely hearts. A Manhattan Christmas full of magic.

Home Alone 2: Lost in New York’ meets ‘Marley & Me’ with the romance of ‘When Harry Met Sally’! This is the story of shy homebody Charlotte who loses her beloved pet dog Hudson the week before Christmas. With the help of uptight Englishman Henry, Charlotte goes on a magical treasure hunt around Manhattan to find her furry, four-legged bestie, who she rescued from the trash years before and gave him a place in her home – and her heart.

Spotted in Central Park as one of Santa’s Little Helpers, or last seen in the arms of a supermodel in Times Square, Hudson leads Charlotte and Henry on a very merry dance around the Big Apple, where love, (or should that be Christmas?!) actually is all around.

My Review

Could this possibly be the Christmassy mash-up of romantic comedy sweetness with canine cuteness written just specifically for both a rom-com and dog nutter like me?!?!??

Well let’s get started!

Honestly, I’m confused by this one. It had all the elements I love and could ever dream about for a Christmassy chick-lit but at times I felt the lead character needed to be more of an emotional trainwreck!!!!!!

The story revolves around the main character’s search for her lost dog at Christmastime in New York.

And yet during all this traumatic searching period she somehow managed to go to an intimate performance of Michael Bublé, drank rather a large amount of champagne, ate fabulous oysters, hung out with Santa at Macy’s etc etc etc. If it was me I would probably have to be sedated…..

Case in point:

My dog managed to get out of the back garden once and I cannot begin to describe to you the sheer blinding panic! I could not think straight and was so initially paralysed by fear that I couldn’t even make my legs move to run and follow her. Luckily I snapped to my senses and began the search. In the end she didn’t make it too far on her adventures and I found her within a few minutes happily sniffing a big stinking pile of fox poo!!!! I swear I was never so happy to see fox poo in my life!!!!!! What is it with dogs and the stuff???? Honestly…..

But yeah….

So I get that the whole idea of this book was to create romantic episodes but it felt a little far fetched to me….

This would be the point where you would roll your eyes at me!



Have I ever mentioned before that I am a muppet??????

So this was cute and lovely and had EVERYTHING that you could want from a happy Christmassy book but maybe if you are as attached to your dog as I am then you might have moments where you want to clatter the main character over the head for getting distracted by a cute boy!!

A mixed bag


Please do not ever give a dog chocolate.

It is toxic to them.

This book had an instance of sharing a chocolate drink from the famous Serendipity café with a dog and I can assure you that the outcome would not have been a wagging tail as occurred in this book but a trip to the veterinarians which depending on the quantities ingested may or may not have resulted in a happy outcome.

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4 thoughts on “A Miracle at Macy’s by Lynn Marie Hulsman – Book Review

  1. I feel like since they put it in a book people will think its okay to give their dog chocolate. If you don’t know then research before you write it!

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