Would You Rather Book Tag Edition

I was tagged by both the fabulous Leelynn @Sometimes Leelynn Reads and the wonderful Elysa @Elysa Reads It All to take part in the Would You Rather Book Tag Edition and it seems like a lot of fun so let’s get to it!!

Only Trilogies or Standalones

Oh this is a nice easy one to start with! I am definitely a standalones kind of girl. I have very little staying power when it comes to series and honestly, most series I read feel overly drawn out and I frequently think the story could be told in one decent sized book. Basically series writers you all need to get some better editors lol!!!

Oh I feel you boo! God I love Sterling K Brown

Only Female or Male Authors

Aw hells no are you asking me this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOW CAN I CHOOSE??????????? I mean the last thing I think about when picking up a book is the preferred gender of the author!! PLUS GENDER IS A FREAKING SOCIETAL CONSTRUCT!!! Don’t make me come at you with science because I will LOL!

Nah, I’m not here for this.

MOVE ON!!!!!!!!!

Barnes & Noble or Amazon


Well I don’t live in the USA so Barnes & Noble isn’t exactly an option and I HATE AMAZON!!!

Amazon are so crazily shady I can’t. I think I’m actually tired of ranting about them. It’s just not good for the customer when you have a single business monopolising the marketplace which is what they are doing right now. And their customer service is dreadful in my experience.

So I like to support local bookshops where possible and keep my money in the local economy. Plus the actual joy of browsing in a book shop and conversing with book sellers is incomparable to the faceless, nameless customer service that I have received from Amazon in the past.

All books become Films or TV Shows

I have commitment issues when it comes to TV. I legit get bored of a show after about four or five episodes. It is RARE that I will watch a TV series to its completion so film it is!

Five Pages per Day or Five Books per Week

OMG How could I survive only reading five pages per day???????????? That isn’t even the length of an average chapter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Five books a week for sure!!! And some weeks that’s not even enough LOL!

Professional Reviewer or Author

OMG If someone wants to pay me to write book reviews I will love you forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Me an author though…. Like lol no!!! I ain’t got the creative talent for that… I mean I could write science non-fiction like my thesis but actual fiction…. IT WOULD BE SO UNIMAGINATIVE I DIE!!!!!!!!!!!

Top 20 Forever or All New Books Forever

I rarely reread so no contest. Gimme those new books!!!!

Librarian or Book Seller


I just think they are that perfect balance of community and a love of books. But I would also love to be a book seller in an amazing book shop….

CAN I CHOOSE BOTH?????????????

Only Favourite Genre or All But Favourite Genre


I want to read everything…. I mean my favourite genre changes yearly anyway SO that means that I will get to read everything eventually…


Only Physical or Only E-Books


Hands down.

I mean eBooks just don’t have that book smell nor do they look good on a book shelf what with the whole not being physical thing!!!!

And I am done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But one last thing…

I tag…

Wow that gif is a little intense………………

21 thoughts on “Would You Rather Book Tag Edition

  1. Haha! This made me laugh, and damn your gif game is strong! 😀
    I died at the 5 pages or 5 books a week, I am so with you… what is 5 pages? That’s a total tease! I’d get mad and never want to read again if that was the case! 😂
    I’m also the same with physical books! I don’t even own any type of ereader so physical books it is! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. You know, I never understand why people make a big deal about reading more books by women or by men. Can’t we just appreciate a book because of the content? Personally, I think that YA is saturated with women authors and I would love more books written by men!

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  3. “I mean eBooks just don’t have that book smell nor do they look good on a book shelf what with the whole not being physical thing!!!!”

    This! The very same reason I dislike reading eBooks. Physical books just have that distinct scent that arouses the olfactory senses, enhancing the imagination further with what the story holds. I am glad we agree on this :)))

    Liked by 1 person

    1. YES!!! Exactly Carl…but I still like my kindle for weighty books though as I have weak wrists. And the kindle is great for reading lying down…. But even with all of the kindle’s advantage there is nothing like curling up with the feel of a book in your hands…plus who doesn’t like to adorn their home with overly stuffed bookcases!!!! :))))


  4. Awesome Tag Emer!! I agree with what you said about Amazon, they are super shady, however since I live in France and I mostly read in English, I have legit no other choice than order on Amazon (or BookDepository). I have one WH Smith in Paris but they only sell paperback and choices are super limited. However, I always had amazing experiences with Amazon customer service (and it’s weird that you say the opposite since every time they call me from Ireland). Basically, I go on their website, write my number, they call me right away no matter what time it is, and if I want something, I got it (I feel like Ariana Grande saying that ^^). I want a refund, I haven’t received my order, they agree, no questions asked.

    I laughed so hard at your answer for ‘Professional Reviewer or Author’!! I wish people would pay us to do reviews (even pay us in books, it would be awesome). My friends and family often ask me why I don’t start writing a book or why I don’t choose to work in the book industry. Well, I’m a terrible writer, and I just want to continue reading as a hobby, only when I feel like it and what I feel like reading 🙂

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    1. That’s amazing how different our amazon experiences have been. I have had to get into quite lengthy discussions with them about a number of orders and they haven’t been as immediately accommodating as they should have been for sure! But I feel you, sometimes we have no choice but to use them due to a lack of local supply and expense.

      And omg wouldn’t life be amazing if we got paid to read…. oh what a dream that would be indeed!!! But definitely I have no desire to write. I would happily work as a bookseller or librarian but I want nothing to do with writing, editing or publishing lol!!!!!!

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