Top Ten Tuesday 14/01/2020 – Bookish Discoveries I Made in 2019

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme that was originally created by The Broke and the Bookish but was moved to That Artsy Reader Girl in January 2018. It was born of a love of lists, a love of books, and a desire to bring bookish friends together.

This week’s topic is Bookish Discoveries I Made in 2019

(1) BLOGGING!!!!!!!!!!

I started blogging in June 2019 so my biggest bookish discovery of the year was the amazing book blogging community. I have felt so welcomed by everyone, made so many great friends and really I cannot recommend it more highly. Every single one of you that has reached out to me via a comment, a like, an interview request… I love you all. You have absolutely no idea how much being a member of this community means to me. It really has added so much more to my life.


Okay I freely admit I am a bit flaky when it comes to remembering I have Twitter some weeks but when I log on and discover I am tagged in a tweet I get such joy. I love taking part in all those fun game style tweets and also seeing these bite size snippets of everyone’s lives. For anyone that is interested my twitter handle is @ALittleHaze

(3) BOOK SLEEVES!!!!!!!!!

Okay I knew these existed before 2019 but they are super expensive to buy so I never bought one. But last year it really started to annoy me how whenever I would attend any of my hospital appointments the books I brought with me would get a bit scuffed in my bag…

SO I HEADED TO YOU TUBE!!!!!!!!!!!!! And discovered some incredibly helpful video tutorials on how to sew my own and now I am the owner of four fabulous booksleeves! Each one is a different size so I have one to fit every type of novel I own!

This one is my personal favourite!

(4) GOTHIC(ish) NOVELS!!!!!!!!!

Okay, I have read gothic novels before 2019 but this year was the year I realised that these books are always among my favourites when I read them! Books such as The Binding and In the Night Wood made my list of favs come the end of the year.


At the end of 2019 I read a lot of middle grade novels and I found that I really loved the reading experience. I read them when I needed to feel soothed by a book and it was really one of the best decisions I made all year. Some of my favs were written by Lindsey Kelk, Matt Haig, Antoine de Saint-Exupery, Geoff Rodkey and Elizabeth Laird.

(6) BETH O’LEARY!!!!

Author of The Flatshare and now The Switch, Beth O’Leary was one of my 2019 discoveries and she has become an auto-buy author for me for sure.


I’ve always read Science Fiction but I really feel like 2019 was the year I truly embraced the genre with favourite titles such as I Still Dream, thought-provoking reads such as The Calculating Stars and Dune, and three five starred reads from the awesome Becky Chambers (To Be Taught If Fortunate and Books 2 and 3 from her Wayfarers series).


I had meant to read Jessie Burton for years and in 2019 I read two novels by her; The Muse and The Confession. I loved The Muse but The Confession…. WOW!!!! It takes the title of my out right favourite read of 2019.

And that’s my TTT for this week… Okay so it’s technically a Top 8 but it’s the thought that counts lol!

31 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday 14/01/2020 – Bookish Discoveries I Made in 2019

  1. OMG you only created your blog last June?? I really feel like you’ve been here all along ^^
    I’m so happy to read you and congrats on all those discoveries 🙂

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  2. Sounds like you discovered so many great things about blogging and books last year! Also, you have just reminded me that I have yet to read a Jessie Burton novel and I’m about to go and put that right!

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  3. I also embraced Science Fiction last year and am so much better off for it. Becky Chambers is an auto-buy author for me as well! I still haven’t finished her Wayfarers series but that’s on my list for Jan. Also, book sleeves are such a cute idea! I can’t sew to save my life though… so I might Etsy them 😛

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    1. Oh the love I have for Becky Chambers!! Her writing is just phenomenal isn’t it. She writes with such natural diversity and inclusivity. And then the speculative aspects of the sci fi are just so genius…truly thought provoking. For sure one of my fav authors out there

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  4. I just got a book sleeve last week and I’m already in love. It only really fits trade paperbacks though, so I may need to see about getting a larger one somewhere else. Or maybe I will make my own like you! Great post!

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    1. I still have to go back and read the miniaturist myself sometime this year. Very excited to get to it. And I don’t know the history of the publishing behind the little prince but it’s certainly considered a children’s book here these days. I borrowed it from the children’s section of the library, it’s on many children’s reading lists etc. And I could definitely see myself loving it as a child.


  5. This is such a wonderful list, Emer! I’m so excited to read Beth O’Leary’s new book–and I’m even more excited that you loved it so much! I’m ready for the heartwarming feels. I can’t wait to finally read Becky Chambers this year (I’ve got all her books lined up and ready for me to devour!) and also Jessie Burton. Your review of The Confession really made me want to read it asap! Here’s to another amazing and bookish year in 2020! 🥳

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