The Prenup by Lauren Layne – Book Review

Title: The Prenup

Author: Lauren Layne

Genre/Themes: Romantic Comedy, Contemporary Romance

Blurb from Goodreads

My name is Charlotte Spencer and, ten years ago, I married my brother’s best friend. I haven’t seen him since.

Charlotte Spencer grew up on the blue-blooded Upper East Side of Manhattan but she never wanted the sit-still-look-pretty future her parents dictated for her. Enter Colin Walsh, her brother’s quiet, brooding, man-bun-sporting best friend, and with him a chance to escape.

He’s far from Charlotte’s dream guy as but they need each other for one thing: marriage. One courthouse wedding later, Charlotte’s inheritance is hers to start a business in San Francisco and Irish-born Colin has a Green Card.

Ten years later, Colin drops a bombshell: the terms of their prenup state that before either can file for divorce, they have to live under the same roof for three months.

Suddenly this match made in practicality is about to take on whole new meaning…

My Review

Do you ever just feel so tired? So completely exhausted both physically and emotionally? That all you want to do is draw the curtains, pop on your favourite chilled playlist, pull a duvet over your head and just sleep into oblivion.

That’s how I’m feeling these days. I’ve been having a rough time health wise and dealing with some other super stressful factors that have caused me great upset.

But I can’t sleep 24/7 and that’s where this book comes in. I needed something to distract me from the gloomy malaise I’m seemingly trapped in these past few days.

A few years back I read another book by this author, ‘Walk of Shame’, and it gave me all the rom com feels that I love… so when I was browsing through the kindle store looking for something light and frothy to read and this Lauren Layne book for 84p popped up I just knew I was onto a winner.

And how right I was.

There’s nothing exactly original about this story but that’s what I wanted. I wanted a romantic comedy where the two leads butted heads at the start but unsurprisingly would eventually learn that they couldn’t be without each other.

I 100% knew the ending before I started reading. But this book is all about the journey.

  • It’s all about the warm characters; the sassy leading lady and the brooding leading man.
  • It’s all about the comedy of errors that arise when you find yourself falling in love with someone you shouldn’t fall in love with.
  • It’s about overcoming the seemingly immovable obstacles to happy ever after.
  • It’s about one character packing it all in as the novel climaxes and then the other makes the grand gesture…
  • It’s about that fantasy romance that has always cheered me up when I’m feeling blue.

I thoroughly enjoyed this. It was both light and breezy yet deeply warm and comforting. The writing was witty, the pacing pretty perfect and the array of characters were of the charming romantic comedy stereotype variety rather than annoyingly irritating! Yes there wasn’t much depth to the supporting characters but this book wasn’t about that. It was all about the main characters taking centre stage with their road to loved up bliss.

A pretty perfect read for when you want to forget the world outside and get lost in your own little happy place if like me your happy place is a traditional ‘and they all lived happily ever after’.

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15 thoughts on “The Prenup by Lauren Layne – Book Review

  1. I’m so sorry you aren’t feeling too well at the minute and you’re feeling stressed, I’m sending you all the positive thoughts!! ❤
    But yes sometimes you need the predictive, sweet rom-com books. They are so cute and fast so you can easily curl up into them!! And how can I ever resist 'the sassy leading lady and the brooding leading man.', it is always a lot of fun and following them on their journey can be really rewarding. I'm so glad you enjoyed this, great review!! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Aaaand we agree on a book!!! Hahaha this was my first Lauren Layne book and it won’t be my last. It was such a delightful read and I really liked the characters in it. I’m glad it gave you the light feels that you were looking for, Emer! I hope you feel better soon, my lovely 💙 Big hugs from Bali!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh Dini make your next Lauren Layne book Walk of Shame… IT IS HILARIOUS AND CUTE AND AHHHHHHHHH!!!! You need it. Lauren Layne is so good for when you’re just super tired and want something light and fluffy :))) so glad we agree my friend <33333

      Liked by 1 person

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