Editing Emma by Chloe Seager – Book Review

Title: Editing Emma

Alternative Title: Dating Disasters of Emma Nash

Series: Emma Nash #1

Author: Chloe Seagar

Genre/Themes: Young Adult Contemporary, Comedy/Dramedy, Coming of Age, Female Friendships

Blurb from Goodreads

When sixteen-year-old Emma Nash is ‘ghosted’ by the love of her life Leon Naylor, she does what any normal teenage girl would do…
Emma spends the summer lurking in her bedroom, avoiding all human contact (and the shower), surrounded by the collection of chewit wrappers she saved from packs Leon gave her, back when he actually acknowledged her existence…

But seeing Leon suddenly ‘In a relationship’ on Facebook with the perfect Anna, spurs Emma into action and she embarks on a mission to make positive changes to her life (or ‘edits,’ if you will) and vows to use the internet for more than obsessively stalking Leon’s activities! Instead, she will use it for good and noble causes like finding someone who will actually be nice to her, and recording her findings for the rest of the world to see (i.e. BFF Steph and her mum) on her new Editing Emma blog.

But Emma soon discovers her ‘habit’ is harder to break than she first thought – turns out she’s not the only one ‘editing’ herself online (thank you Tinder for finding her mum’s profile, age 35, really?) and that life through an Instagram filter isn’t always what it’s cracked up to be. But it could be worse, she could have outed her best friend, accidentally chatted up a 12 year old boy and revealed to the world why Leon Naylor is worth no girl’s time or virginity… oh no wait, that’s exactly what happened…

Please note: In some regions this book goes by the title ‘Dating Disasters of Emma Nash’

My Review

I was feeling seriously overwhelmed and stressed so I decided I needed a properly entertaining book. Preferably something rather comedic and oh so very cosy. So to cut a long story short I discovered Editing Emma on my library’s eCatalogue the other night and I thought this sounds diverting let’s give it a go..


This book was a godsend. I laughed so heartily at it. Like my next door neighbours must think I’ve officially lost the plot (if they haven’t already) so loud were my laughs!

I loved everything about this story.

The lead character of Emma… what a train wreck. She’s entirely ridiculous, super melodramatic, frequently unlikable with her actions, a full on oh-woe-is-me type…


She felt so authentic. An actual YA character that felt like a real person and supremely teenage too.

The book is written in the format of blog updates that expose every ridiculous thought she has…her blog is set to private btw! So it’s her safe ranting space. Her space for figuring out her head, her heart.

The blog was born from an idea of “editing herself” to make improvements because she was ghosted by her boyfriend whom she is OBSESSED by. And I mean obsessed. She has fallen hard and can’t un-fall. She legit stalks her ex Leon. Has kept sweet wrappers from sweets he gave her ffs! And so these “edits” are all about winning him back.

I think if you’re the type of reader that likes your characters not to be utterly ridiculous then you won’t like this book because Emma is ENTIRELY ridiculous, and at times is also supremely self-centred and ignorant of how anyone else is feeling.

But if you like to see all the facets to teenage life, the highs and the lows etc., and really experience how everything feels so life and death for Emma [ironic in these Coronavirus times because for once everything truly is life and death] then this is a great read.

And what truly won me over with this book was the humour. The humour in this book was exactly my kind of humour. It was at times self-deprecating and others full on sassy. But it was always grounded in these little nuggets of truth and just made me feel like Emma was a living, breathing person instead of a character from a book.

I highly recommend this to anyone who enjoys reading contemporary YA books with flawed characters.

CLICK HERE for my review of the sequel ‘Friendship Fails of Emma Nash

These are some of my favourite excerpts from the book and give a flavour of the style of humour:

Reasons That Faith is One of the Best Humans I Know

1) She hardly ever moans, and keeps her bad moods to herself, usually channelling them into something creative. I have no idea how. Imagine having a feeling and not examining it over and over until you’ve turned it completely inside out and bored your friends stiff with it.

The Period Taboo

First of all, it’s not like we can help it. It happens. That fact is unfortunately unchangeable (and I think I speak for all women when I say, we really wish there was a better way to be fertile). In that situation, was Jess not supposed to mention it? Would this boy have liked to get his hand covered in blood instead? No, I think not. Then why is she being punished for telling him? Either way, she loses. Which means she’s effectively being punished simply for having an uncontrollable bodily function. And, more than that, why shouldn’t she be able to speak about it? I actually think women are generally very discreet about the whole thing (e.g. Gracie, who obviously bleeds rainbows). If guys bled out of their penises for a week of every month, you can bet we’d hear more about it.


posted by EditingEmma 17.08

Sitting on the toilet just letting my period drip out because I am sick of always having to change my sanitary towels.
It’s quite satisfying. Animalistic. Natural. Almost regal.
I bet, if I sat in the middle of a gallery, people would say I was an amazing feminist performance-art piece.
How comes, when you do really mundane things on your own, it’s not art, but as soon as you invite people to look at you doing it, it can be art? I feel like that’s a rule that should change. I can be art right here, right now. I can be still, unthinking, unfeeling art. Some might say I was just a person sitting and staring into space on a toilet, but they would be wrong.

posted by EditingEmma 17.49
Mum and her stupid bladder interrupted my art.


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12 thoughts on “Editing Emma by Chloe Seager – Book Review

  1. This book iss so hilarious and amazing at the same time, i remember when i read it and my friend thought i was going mad because of some parts in the book and I’m glad you enjoyed this book as well

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  2. hmm i don’t know if this will be my jam because unlikeable characters really irritate me LOL but i’m glad that it provided the much needed distraction and levity that you were looking for ❤ great review, Emer!

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