Weekly Update 7th-13th September 2020

General Update

Hi everyone,

If you read my post from Friday you will know that I gave a detailed run down of my current state of health. Things just aren’t good for me right now. I’ve got a check up with my doctor this coming week and I’m hoping that we can figure out something to help me get through this bad patch with my chronic illness.

But what this means is that I am just barely managing to write posts / reviews etc. for my blog and I have pretty much disappeared off the face of the earth when it comes to blog hopping. I’m deeply sorry my friends. I miss reading all of your wonderful posts and checking in with your lives but I just don’t have the energy right now.

My DMs are always open on Twitter for chats if you wanna catch up or if you need to talk, and I promise I will reply to comments on my blog even though it might be a little on the slow side. But for the next week or so I’m letting myself off the hook from blog hopping. Hopefully by the end of the month things will settle down, especially since I’ll have seen my doctor and probably have had meds adjusted by then.

In other happier news my puppy Tilly is doing great. She has been the high point of my days. Her enthusiasm, her exuberance… there is nothing like the joy you get from sharing your life with a flurry little ball of fluff!

Reading Update

I’ve managed to read a good bit more this week which has pleased me… although towards the end of the week I haven’t read anything…. basically my reading is all over the place and is dictated entirely by my energy.

But I did manage to finish a few ARCs:

  • Graham Norton’s Home Stretch (loved it)
  • Heidi Swain’s The Winter Garden (didn’t love it)
  • Jennifer Nansubuga Makumbi’s The First Woman (liked it!)

Reviews for all of these will be posted over the coming days and weeks.

And I’m currently reading Natalie Haynes’ latest non-fiction about women from Greek Mythology. It’s called Pandora’s Jar and so far I really like it a lot.

Book Reviews

The following are the book reviews I posted to the blog this week:

  • The Vela by Rivers Solomon, Becky Chambers, SL Huang and Yoon Ha Lee

Other Bookish Content

And Finally

This week’s music choice comes from the Dawson’s Creek soundtrack…. yes I know… (Guys I’m old!!!) But I was listening to it again this week and I was reminded how much I love this song called Any Lucky Penny by Nikki Hassman

21 thoughts on “Weekly Update 7th-13th September 2020

  1. Emer!! I’m so sorry I haven’t been checking up on you as regularly recently as I’m super overwhelmed by life these days. But is there anything I can do to help except for sending remote love to you? Do you maybe have an Amazon wishlist so I can provide you with a nice book to cheer you up?? Thanks for always being such an awesome human and I also appreciate you including Tilly’s pic in this post. * awwwww *


    1. Oh Hsinju it’s I should apologise. I haven’t visited your blog (nor anyone else’s) in so long. I’m just very unwell at the minute and today is my first time catching up on blog comments in a week. Oops! You’re very generous to offer such kindness but I don’t have a public wish list. I would feel much too indebted to my friends and unable to return the kindness because I’m not exactly flush with disposable cash. But I truly, truly appreciate you and the sentiment. You are too kind my friend 💛💖💜


  2. I just love your dog! I haven’t been doing great when it comes to reading or anything to do with it, haha. I’m out of my schedule and it ruins me.


  3. I hope the doctor will know how to help ❤ And don't you even worry about blog hopping! We all will still be here when you have more energy to spend ❤

    This month has been very "meh" in terms of reading for me. I only finished 1 book and it was right in the beginning. I haven't read anything for over a week, and the only book I picked up today was Elantris by Brandon Sanderson which I did tell myself that I wasn't going to start until 2021… Lol


    1. Thank you so much Alex. I hope the Sanderson read is going well. I’ve read the two books from his skyward / starlight series… I get confused on the name lol! But I very much enjoyed them. Not sure I’d be in the mood for one of his adult fantasy tomes though. 💚💙💛💖

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Hope everything goes well at the doctor’s and that you can find a good solution to better help you through this rough patch, friend ❤️ Sending strength and warm hugs! Tilly looks like an adorable little companion to have around right now. So so cute! Take your time in getting better. We’ll be here!


  5. Hey, I hope everything works out with the doctor’s appointment and your health! Take care 💜 and take your time with posting and engagement, we’ll always be here anyway.


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