Goodreads Monday (05/10/2020)

Goodreads Monday is a weekly meme that was started by Lauren’s Page Turners. The meme is pretty easy to follow, to participate simply choose a random book from your TBR and explain why you want to read it!

This week’s book:

Dracula by Bram Stoker


When Jonathan Harker visits Transylvania to help Count Dracula purchase a London house, he makes horrifying discoveries in his client’s castle.

Soon afterwards, disturbing incidents unfold in England: an unmanned ship is wrecked; strange puncture marks appear on a young woman’s neck; and a lunatic asylum inmate raves about the imminent arrival of his ‘Master’.

In the ensuing battle of wits between the sinister Count and a determined group of adversaries, Bram Stoker created a masterpiece of the horror genre, probing into questions of identity, sanity and the dark corners of Victorian sexuality and desire.

Why I want to read this

I was thinking of what would be a good Halloween read this year and Dracula popped into my head. I’ve always been terrified of the horror genre but if it’s a more atmospheric type horror rather than something with nausea inducing, squeamish imagery then I can enjoy it. And I’m hoping that Dracula fits into the former. I reckon I know nothing about the actual story! Because I feel what I have heard about Dracula over the years has probably been watered down / twisted / altered etc. as tends to happen to classics that have been adapted and retold countless times. Well that was my experience with Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein….

Have you read Dracula? Seen a great film or TV adaptation of it? Let’s chat in the comments below!

19 thoughts on “Goodreads Monday (05/10/2020)

  1. I also still have to read Dracula and I agree that what we’ve heard over the years has probably been altered so much. I’m very curious to know what the story will be like! I hope you enjoy it, Emer ❤️


      1. I have! I would say that you wouldn’t be. It’s a classic horror so it isn’t like the blood and guts of today, you know?


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