You’ve Got Mail by Kate G. Smith – DNF eARC Mini Book Review

Blurb from Goodreads

It’s been fun, but I think we should stop seeing each other. Thanks for a great laugh x

When Grace Wharton is dumped by email from a relationship she isn’t even in, she adds it to the list of ways her life hasn’t quite panned out: twenty-five, single, and working a dead-end job she doesn’t enjoy. She fires off an angry response to Mr Obnoxious – how dare he try to dump someone over email?! – knowing that telling off a random stranger online means she has reached an all-time low.

Everything changes when her boss asks her to go to a big sales conference to secure an important client. Her partner is Jack Lockett, company Casanova and Grace’s long-time crush. What’s more, he seems very interested… But Mr Obnoxious keeps sending her emails and Grace keeps replying. Only to make sure he doesn’t send any more heart-breaking emails, obviously.

Grace’s life has suddenly gone from stagnant to brimming with possibilities. But is it all too good to be true?

My Review

DNF 16%, seven chapters read.

I love a cute rom com and the premise of this one really did appeal to me.
Woman receives anonymous email from guy breaking up with his girlfriend in said email. But she isn’t the dumpee and emails him a piece of her mind this starting an email correspondence. Meanwhile the lead female character gets paired with a hot but unlikeable guy at work for a project…. etc etc etc.

I imagined two leading characters sharing sassy, witty banter in their email correspondence [where the female doesn’t know the identity of the male but he knows hers] and then those same two characters meeting in the real world and having sizzling enemies to lovers banter… I don’t know if the latter occurred but I read enough of the emails to deduce that my interpretation of wit and sass were not going to be a feature of this communication method.

I also took an instant dislike to the main character which in light hearted fiction means a complete dearth of enjoyment for me. I hated how she constantly appeared to be hungover and just obsessed with getting smashed drunk. She just seemed entirely melodramatic to me… and then her mum arrived on the scene and I could not deal. She was entirely ridiculous and the supposed friction between mother and daughter felt painfully prosaic.

It was at that point that it became crystal clear to me that this author and I were never going to be on the same page when it came to storytelling devices and character development, and therefore I decided to step away from the read altogether.

I wish the author every success with this novel and hope they find the right readership for this story.

*An e-copy was kindly provided to me by the publisher via NetGalley for honest review*

Publishing 8th February 2021, Orion Dash

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