Duvet Day by Emily Kerr – Book Review

Title: Duvet Day (review copy)

Author: Emily Kerr

Genre: Adult Contemporary, Romantic Dramedy

Blurb from Goodreads

Young lawyer Alexa Humphries’s one true love is her precious duvet, yet she is torn from its comforting embrace every morning while the foxes are still scavenging the bins outside and doesn’t get back until long after most normal people are already asleep. Worn down by the endless demands of her suspicious boss and her competitive, high-flying housemate and fellow lawyer, Zara, Alexa barely recognises herself anymore. This wasn’t how life was supposed to be.

But today is different. Today, Alexa just cannot get out of bed to face the world. Everyone deserves a duvet day, don’t they?

But what starts as a mini-rebellion against the tyranny of her job soon sees her locked out of the flat wearing nothing but a unicorn onesie and what’s left of her dignity. Desperate to track down a spare set of keys before her back-stabbing housemate finds out she’s pulled a sickie, Alexa sets off on a wild goose chase across London. Before long, she’s being blackmailed by an annoyingly handsome photo-journalist, forcing her to trail after him while the hours before she has to get home tick down.

As Alexa’s dreams of Netflix and self-care turn into the duvet day from hell, what’s starting to feel a lot like the beginning of a breakdown might actually be the making of her. Will she get home in time to keep her job … and does she even want to?

My Review

Duvet Day is an easy, breezy read that’s perfect for your own duvet day! 

It follows the story of lawyer Alexa who just feels entirely overwhelmed and stressed by the relentless pace of her work life. She has no time to herself, not even getting adequate time to sleep at night… so one morning when she just cannot face the thoughts of going to work, she decides not to! She calls in sick and takes a duvet day. 

But of course things don’t go according to plan. She’s rudely disturbed from her slumber by a delivery person and bish bash bosh… it all leads to her getting locked out from her house, and what’s worse, locked out wearing a unicorn onesie!

And what follows is a very unplanned and hectic day… 

I must admit that the opening chapter of this novel really didn’t peak my interest at all! There was something incredibly blasé about the writing style. It just felt like a whole lot of meh. And it made me put down my kindle and not bother picking back up the story until another two days later… 

But then I found myself racing through it and being incredibly invested in the storyline. So it goes to show that sometimes books do take a little while to get going, and this book was very much worth having a little bit of patience with.

Main character Alexa is a wonderfully warm and likeable lead. She’s incredibly relatable and therefore easy to empathise with. I loved how this book portrayed her as being quite vulnerable and also forthright. It showed how complicated we as people can be, that we can have our strengths and our foibles. 

Throughout the plot she got involved in some utterly ridiculous situations… but every incident was described with both charm and playfulness that nothing ever felt too preposterous! I think this is because the author managed to balance the zany and at times farcical nature of the day’s events with just the right amount of honest emotion illustrating the impact of Alexa’s stress and work related anxiety on her ways of thinking. 

This was very much a novel that placed the emphasis on its main character. Alexa is this book’s star. There were supporting characters (and as could be expected a love interest) but they were very much written in ways to enhance Alexa rather than make it feel like there was a vibrant collection of memorable characters. If I was being ultra critical I would say that the female supporting characters in particular were exceptionally stereotyped (tyrant female boss, mean girl / cutthroat type frenemy workmate) and were merely there as plot devices rather than add anything of consequence to the storyline. 

And while there is a romance in this book, it’s certainly not the driving force of the plot. Which I found rather refreshing. It was nice to see that this was a novel about Alexa taking stock of where she is in her life’s path and taking more control over her future plans. 

Overall this was a very pleasant reading experience. I liked Alexa the main character; I found her to be both witty and engaging. And I was also very entertained by the silliness of the events Alexa found herself caught up in. I particularly enjoyed how this sense of frivolity was contrasted with the more serious side of the storyline re Alexa recognising her anxiety and stress levels. I would have liked to have had fewer cliches with the way the supporting female characters were written, and a little more time taken with the climax of the story… but on the whole this was a fun book that I would happily recommend to anyone in the mood for some light, contemporary fiction.

*An e-copy was kindly provided to me by the publisher via NetGalley for honest review* 

Publishing 27th May 2021, One More Chapter

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