Two years of blogging!

My Two Year Blog Anniversary

Hi friends!

Just a quick little post to say a big thank you to everyone for being part of my book blog journey.

When I started my blog two years ago I really didn’t expect to have amassed any sort of follower count so I’m eternally grateful to each person who has followed my blog and made me feel so welcome here in the blogosphere.

While I’m currently not as active blogging-wise as I’d like to be due to my ill health, it means so much that you’ve all kept me company through these most difficult and uncertain of times.

Much love to all of you.

Here’s to another year of blogging!

42 thoughts on “Two years of blogging!

  1. Congrats on two years, Emer! That’s amazing and I hope you’ll continue to stick around the book community even longer because you’re one of my faves ❤️ Lots of hugs your way, friend xx


  2. Happy Blogiversary!! I’ll be hitting my second year anniversary soon, as well. But my numbers are nowhere near as impressive as yours. 😉 I hope you’re feeling much better soon. ❤

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