The Rehearsals by Annette Christie – Book Review

Book Title: The Rehearsals (Review Copy)

Author: Annette Christie

Genre: General fiction, romance, drama, contemporary with a paranormal twist

Blurb from Goodreads

The wedding is tomorrow. If they can only get through today…

Long-time couple Megan Givens and Tom Prescott are preparing for what should be the happiest weekend of their lives. But their plans for a perfect wedding are ruined when a huge fight causes them to call it all off on the night of their rehearsal dinner.

Megan and Tom think the worst is over – until they wake up the next morning and find themselves stuck in a time loop. Somehow they are being forced to relive the worst day of their lives – with its painful secrets, age-old grievances, and family dramas – again and again.

We’ve all had regrets and what ifs; The Rehearsals imagines what you might do with the chance to finally get it right.

My Review

I have one word to describe this book: melodrama. 

Okay perhaps two words: toxic melodrama.

This whole book was exhausting. The characters were exhausting. Their internal monologues were exhausting. The storyline was exhausting…

Sometimes as a reader we just don’t gel with a book for whatever reasons. And this is one such occasion for me. From the earliest pages I took an instant dislike to both the writing style and narrative choices of the author. There was no easy flow to the storyline. It was straight in with irritating dramas from over the top relatives and zealous friend-types, and I just wasn’t here for it.

And as for the relationship between the two romantic leads? Well there was so much written to show why these two shouldn’t be together with tales of infidelity, and a myriad of examples of being an unsupportive and toxic partner, that I never found myself wanting these two to figure out all their issues and just make their relationship work. For much of the read their relationship read like a never ending car crash and made me wish for them to hurry up and break up so the book would be over! It was as if I needed patience to read this book because there were so many fights and squabbles that needed to be sorted out… if I wanted to test my patience I’d borrow a demanding toddler for the day as it would be less stressful than reading this! 

Not my cup of tea at all. 

*An e-copy was kindly provided to me by the publisher via NetGalley for honest review*

Published 13th July 2021, Hodder and Stoughton

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