Hallowe’en 2021 Update

Hi everyone!

A big thank you to anyone who’s still popping by my blog and reading any of my book reviews.

A few months ago I was forced to make the decision to stop reading and reviewing ARC books. This was because my health has taken a nosedive and has left me unable to read most days; for perspective it’s taking me on average a whole month to get through a standard length novel compared to the four novels a week that I used to read.

Since then I’ve been thinking about what I want my blog to be.

When I created this blog I wanted it to primarily be somewhere that I kept record of the books I read.

But along the way I happily got caught up in the everyday goings on in the book blogosphere and I spent a lot of my time writing posts for bookish memes and tags.

I also started writing weekly updates about my life, my chronic illness, things that were going on in the world around me etc etc., and I wrote a number of discussion based posts.

My life now has changed.

And I have to accept that change. My health just doesn’t allow me to be that type of blogger anymore.

It’s pretty devastating to admit it.

My blogging life was something I loved so much. I loved feeling like I was part of a community, that I had many friends whose blogs I loved to read, that I had friends who enjoyed popping by my blog… I loved being an active user of Twitter, of Goodreads. I had fun dabbling in bookstagram and Pinterest.

But sadly I have to let all of that go.

This blog for the foreseeable future is just going to be a space where I post my book reviews.

There will be no set schedule.

There will be times when I won’t post anything and times when I will post a lot.

Ultimately I want this blog to be my reading record as I begin to disentangle myself from the Amazon focused world of Goodreads where I’ve been a member for well over a decade.

I’m so sorry that my health doesn’t allow me to bloghop and communicate with you all these days. My heart is so heavy with loneliness from missing all of my online friends.

But I’m simply too unwell. The fatigue, the pain, the illness… It’s besting me right now.

However, I’ve been chronically ill for three decades.

And if this current down-period is anything like the past then I know I will get through it. My health has always ebbed and flowed. So hopefully the rise is on the horizon and I will soon return to being the kind of friend and blogger I want to be.

Until then I send you all my love.

Éimhear xo

PS If for any reason you want to get in touch with me you can use the contact form on my blog.

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30 thoughts on “Hallowe’en 2021 Update

  1. Don’t worry, Éimhear – your health obviously comes first, and you should never feel guilty about prioritizing it! Although I do understand that it makes you sad that you might not be able to be as active in our community as you might want to. Just know that we’ll always be here for you anyway! 💙💙💙
    And I always love your reviews as well – I might not read them that regularly, but that’s because I generally don’t like reading reviews for books I haven’t read yet 😅 I love going into books blind, so if there’s the slightest chance I might pick up a book in the future, I will avoid reviews at all costs 😂 But your reviews for the books I have already read always make my day, and I love hearing all your opinions on them 🤗 So I’m definitely here to stay and spam your comments 😉


  2. Dear Éimhear, I hope better health finds it way to you soon! Your blog and hard work will still be here for all of us to enjoy and help us choose what to (and not to) read. I’m sorry you can’t read and update it with the frequency you’d like. Sending warm hugs and healing thoughts, Liz

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  3. Sending you so much love and all the panda hugs, Éimhear! I may not have been blog hopping as much lately but I do still enjoy the reviews that you’ve posted recently. And of course, you’re still part of this community, no matter if you post every day or just once in a while! Hoping you feel better soon, lovely ❤️

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  4. I’m so sorry to hear that your health has taken a turn. Sending lots of love and best wishes your way; your health is what should be your top priority right now. The bookish community will always be here. We’re all awaiting your return.


  5. Wishing you the best and sending lots of love. Your health is a top priority, and you should take the needed steps to ensure you are on the way to feeling better. I have enjoyed your contributions and look forward to any reviews you may post in the future. The bookish community will still be here. We will await your return. 😀

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