Ella’s Night Lights by Lucy Fleming – Book Review

Book Title: Ella’s Night Lights

Author and Illustrator: Lucy Fleming

Genre: Children’s, Picture Books

Blurb from Goodreads

Nestled in a little nook in an old oak tree is a tiny girl named Ella. Ella loves light, but must be sure to avoid the sun because of her delicate wings. Flittering about at night, she collects light from everything that glows and glimmers in the darkness, always making sure to share the light she gathers with those who need it most. Until one day, when her animal friends decide it’s their turn to give back—with a creative plan that just may make Ella’s dream of seeing the sun come true.

New York Times best-selling illustrator Lucy Fleming’s author-illustrator debut is a sweet story about the power of giving to others and celebrating our friends, as well as a reminder that we all have a light within us that is worthy of being shared.

Friendship, kindness, and gratitude are all illuminated in a quiet tale of a magical girl with mothlike wings.

My Review

I stumbled across children’s illustrator Lucy Fleming’s Instagram some time ago. Her beautiful artwork caught my eye and I’ve loved seeing her posts pop up on my Instagram feed. I’ve pretty much fallen head over heels in love with her artistic style because it’s gloriously innocent and magical. She is a perfect children’s illustrator.

I’d been toying with purchasing this book ever since it came out in hardback in 2020 but I’m an adult with no age appropriate related children so I couldn’t find a reason to buy this book… or could I.

I was feeling particularly blue last week; my pain levels were off the chart, I was extremely nauseated and I just wanted a little spark of joy in my life. So I thought to heck with convention and I bought this beautiful children’s book for myself. And it has brought me such contentment when I ached for something joyful.

The illustrations are beyond glorious. They’re pure and sweet, both expressive and captivating, and gazing upon them has been a much needed salve to my soul.

And to go with the stunning illustrations is a beautiful story of little Ella whose wings are to fragile for her ever to see the sunrise but who still makes every effort to spread light to all those she meets… the story is simple and utterly heartwarming. It’s about finding the light in even the darkest of spaces. But mostly it’s about kindness and friendship which are the most important of things in these difficult days.

“Here’s some bright light, here’s a night light. A little ray to calm your fright.”

I’m so pleased I purchased this sweet book for myself. However, I’m going to possibly do the absolute worst thing ever and cut out my favourite illustrations and paste them into my journal. Some people might be appalled by that but my journal is a place I go to for moments of joy and happiness mixed with moments of quiet contemplation, so it feels like the perfect fit for me.

As Lucy said on her twitter feed sometime ago “if you’re in need of a sparkle of whimsy this winter, a little moth fairy learns that kindness and friendship shine brightest of all.”

The most perfect children’s picture book.

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