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For review requests please use the contact form below.

My preferences are for adult or YA contemporary fiction, adult or YA historical fiction, adult or YA science fiction, science non-fiction.

However I am particularly interested in reading any genre of book if it has chronic illness and/or chronic pain representation as I am an #OwnVoices reviewer for such.

Please note I do not read books from the following genres: high fantasy, horror, crime thrillers and erotica, and therefore will not accept review requests for books of these kinds.

I also do not read books with graphically described physical violence (e.g. blood, gore, torture, war, animal abuse), nor books with a lot of course language (swear words etc.), and I also do not like reading books with graphically described sex scenes or dark/macabre themes.

When submitting a review request please include the following:

  • Title of the book
  • Author of the book
  • Genre of the book
  • Format of the book available for review (I accept either MOBI or ePub)
  • Number of pages within the book
  • Content and/or Trigger Warnings if any
  • Blurb/Synopsis of the book
  • Working links to any or all of the following: the Goodreads page for the book, an Amazon page for the book, a publisher’s page for the book