Looking Back at the Past Decade: 2018 A Bookish Year in Review

For the past few years on Goodreads I have done a wrap up of my reading years. So to celebrate the past decade I have decided to share my yearly wrap ups from 2015 to 2019. I have already shared my reviews from 2015 (click here), 2016 (click here) and 2017 (click here). Today‚Äôs post … Continue reading Looking Back at the Past Decade: 2018 A Bookish Year in Review

Weekly Update Dec 9th-15th

General Update Hello everyone! Oh this week... what a mess!!! After last week and getting to blog hop so much I should have known that that would not be repeated this week!!! So a combination of broadband connectivity problems and just being rather unwell has meant that I have not gotten a chance to get … Continue reading Weekly Update Dec 9th-15th

Weekly Update Nov 18th-24th

General Update Hi everyone! I don't tend to talk that much about my health affects me in a given week... but this week you guys... I have such a bad flare up of my chronic illness. I started the week off with my third trip to hospital in as many weeks and I'm ending it … Continue reading Weekly Update Nov 18th-24th

October 2019 Wrap Up

And so we say good bye to another month and the end of 2019 is fast approaching! October 2019 though... WHAT A MONTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Like ignoring the fact that I read hardly anything and had a super tough month illness-wise... I SAW JOHN MAYER IN CONCERT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOTHING CAN TAKE THAT EXPERIENCE AWAY FROM ME!!!!! You guys … Continue reading October 2019 Wrap Up

Weekly Update Oct 28th-Nov 3rd

General Update Hey guys! Happy November or indeed Happy NaNoWriMo!! I swear everyone is doing NaNoWriMo this year... Not me though. I hold absolutely zero aspirations of ever becoming a writer. So this blog will be a NaNo free zone lol!!! I hope everyone had a nice Halloween. Was very quiet here, a lot fewer … Continue reading Weekly Update Oct 28th-Nov 3rd

Anticipated Releases Book Tag

I was tagged by Mandy @Devouring Books to take part in the Anticipated Releases Book Tag! Thank you so much for the tag Mandy! I really love doing book tags. RULES Thank the person who nominated youAnswer all the questions down belowPingback to the creator: Ellyn @ Allonsythornraxx 1. Your Most Anticipated Book of the Year … Continue reading Anticipated Releases Book Tag

The Back-To-School Book Tag

I was tagged by The Scarlet Reader to take part in the Back-to-School Book Tag. Subject: English! What is a favourite classic or book poetry of yours? I love my classics! I particularly love all things Jane Austen (except for Persuasion) and I love the Bronte sisters and Charles Dickens. I also adore Homer, Ovid … Continue reading The Back-To-School Book Tag

A Thought on Reading Challenges

Ever since I joined Goodreads in December 2010 the topic of reading challenges has always been brought to the fore. Particularly with Goodreads' own yearly reading challenge that asks its members to set a target for the number of books they would like to read in a given year. image from goodreads.com During my first … Continue reading A Thought on Reading Challenges

Weekly Update Sept 16th-22nd

General Update Hello everyone! I feel like I have chatted and blog hopped a lot less this past week. I do apologise, my energy just wasn't what I would like sadly. Hopefully I will get to chat to you all a lot more in this coming week. This week I was still focused primarily on … Continue reading Weekly Update Sept 16th-22nd