Weekly Update November 16th-22nd 2020

General Update Hi everyone! When I started this blog I thought it would be just about books. Granted books with a focus on illness representation but purely books all the same. But somehow over the last number of months my ‘weekly update’ posts in particular have been anything but bookish. They’ve become almost akin to … Continue reading Weekly Update November 16th-22nd 2020

October 2020 Wrap Up

October and Me Well good bye and good riddance to October 2020!!!! It was the quietest and most inactive period on my blog since I started this journey back in Summer 2019 because I ended up going on hiatus for two weeks. It was a much needed break and has helped me to recharge my … Continue reading October 2020 Wrap Up

Weekly Update October 5th-11th 2020

General Update Woo hoo it's time for my weekly moan!!!.... It's all I do isn't it.... moan, whine.... but ugh SPOONIE LIFE IS NOT BEING KIND!!!! I'm so sick, on so many pain and antiemetic medications... sleeping A LOT!!! BUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm taking things in hand with my blog this week though. I don't like that … Continue reading Weekly Update October 5th-11th 2020

Weekly Update 7th-13th September 2020

General Update Hi everyone, If you read my post from Friday you will know that I gave a detailed run down of my current state of health. Things just aren't good for me right now. I've got a check up with my doctor this coming week and I'm hoping that we can figure out something … Continue reading Weekly Update 7th-13th September 2020

Weekly Update 17th-23rd August 2020

General Update Hey everyone! I'm sitting in my pjs at the kitchen table typing this up and I'm here trying to figure out what I did this past week? Do you ever get like that? That a whole week seems to sort of blur in your memory. It could very well be a symptom of … Continue reading Weekly Update 17th-23rd August 2020

Weekly Update 10th-16th August 2020

General Update Hello everyone! Here is my week summed up in gifs: Gif one: Yup I've been dying with a Summer cold so that's fun. Gif two: I have been basically married to my bed because all I can do is sleep yet I still feel exhausted... yay chronic fatigue. Gif three: And when I … Continue reading Weekly Update 10th-16th August 2020

Weekly Update 6th-12th July 2020

General Update Hey everyone! So who here in the book blogging community has a 'contact form' for review requests? I'm guessing a lot of us do. I certainly do. ANYWAY!!! What one would assume the contact form is not for is sending rude, mean and hurtful messages... which is exactly what I received this past … Continue reading Weekly Update 6th-12th July 2020

Weekly Update 29th June-5th July 2020

General Update Hi guys! Hope you all had great weeks. Mine was hectic to say the least... emotional highs and lows and everything in between. I don't feel able to discuss the specifics yet because my feelings are so raw but this has been a week for counting my blessings and being so grateful for … Continue reading Weekly Update 29th June-5th July 2020

Weekly Update 22nd-28th June 2020

General Update Hi everyone! Over the last number of weeks I have been talking her on my blog about how my dog had gotten sick and that the only option remaining was palliative care. It breaks my heart to tell you all that on Tuesday I had to make the difficult decision to put my … Continue reading Weekly Update 22nd-28th June 2020

Weekly Update July 1st-7th 2019

I decided to try and keep track of my weekly bookish goings on here on my blog. As this blog is still relatively new I've been transferring a lot of my Goodreads reviews to here so I've been busy with my posts! Book Reviews The Outsider by Albert CamusThe Luminaries by Eleanor CattonTangleweed and Brine … Continue reading Weekly Update July 1st-7th 2019